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My Genealogical Database

My genealogical database is a conglomeration of a number of different projects. Most focus on New England, especially Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Some lines are well documented, others not. Some well sourced, others have no sources. It is an ongoing project cleaning up, correcting, extending and sourcing this information.

Genealogy Forum

The genealogy forum connected to this site serves several purposes. It is a way for me (and others) to helping some friends -- and strangers -- get started in this hobby I love. It is a way to make corrections to the data it contains and to point to related information. It is a way for the people who have found a relative here to make a connection with others who may be working on the same lines. I hope it adds some functionality to the database.

The Equine Observer, ERWorld and Some Game Tools

These are things associated with a couple of games I used to play. Whether they stay or not is still up in the air.